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Google is Being ‘Evil’ to Old Safari and Opera

How hard is to maintain a website? No, I’m not talking about the back-end stuff, just front-end, the stuff with which the visitors to your website interact. It’s not that easy, right? I mean you have to check how your website is going to look on different browsers and on different devices, which sure can be a pain in the ass if you are the only developer and are a nut who wants to do everything by himself/herself. But what if you are a corporation with thousands of employees and you practically own the Internet? Would it still be difficult for you to maintain your website for different browsers? I don’t think so, but maybe for Google it is.

Google now displays its old homepage to people who use ‘outdated’ version of Opera and Safari, which lacks certain ‘new’ features provided by Google.

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Epiphany-based Web Browser Comes to Raspberry Pi

We knew Raspberry Pi was going to get a decent web browser pretty soon, for the foundation announced its plans to develop a better browser for the Pi back in December and has been working with Collabora ever since then. At the time of the announcement, they released a beta which although worked properly, but interfered with a number of other elements in the system. But that’s okay, betas are expected to be buggy. After eight months of development, the team has finally released a fully functioning HTML-5 compatible web browser for the sweetest Pi ever, which they are calling ‘Epiphany for Pi‘. Not the coolest of names, but we’ll love it as long as it keeps working as advertised.

The release was announced by Eben Upton, the Pi Founder and the CEO of Raspberry Pi’s engineering team on Pi’s website.

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Microsoft Calls It Quits With Older Versions of Internet Explorer, Asks Users to Update to the Latest Version

We have sad news for all of you. Microsoft is dropping support for older versions of the world’s most widely used web browser for downloading other web browsers. You can use your beloved web browser’s older versions but Microsoft won’t release any security patches or provide technical support for those in the future. All you can do now is to update the best browser ever to be developed to its latest version. We are sad, almost on the verge of tears because Microsoft is abandoning our favorite web browser’s ancestors.

Too much? Ah, c’mon! Alright, let’s get back to the news. They are dropping support for older versions as those versions are not ‘optimized’ for the cloud and other services Microsoft provides. If you use Internet Explorer (we pity you), you are recommended by MS to update your IE to the latest version.

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