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Meet Dronecode: a GitHub-Like Project For Open Source Drone Projects By 3D Robotics and the Linux Foundation

Even if we don’t consider the military applications of drones, the UAV industry has been able to attract a lot of investors and their dollars in the recent years. Whether it is a certain online marketplace which plans on using UAVs for delivering packages directly to its consumers, or a certain company which is working to provide medicine and other supplies to remote places using UAVs compensating for the lack of developed roads in that country, UAVs are increasingly becoming mainstream, and wide adaptability and publicity they receive is also ‘helping the cause’. Although a number of those UAVs are open source, they are maintained by different organizations making them nonviable for projects requiring collaboration between different developers.

Enters Dronecode, a collaboration between 3D Robotics, Linux Foundation and a few others to provide a nonprofit structure for bringing together existing open source drone projects and assets.

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