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Twitch Finally Embraced by the Corporate America, Amazon Spends $970 million on Twitch’s Acquisition

It was highly unexpected and there wasn’t even a rumor about such an acquisition. We knew Twitch was going to ‘the big money’, but everybody thought that the money was going to be Google’s. Amazon wasn’t even in the picture ever since rumors of Twitch’s acquisition started appearing on teh netz. But believe it or not, it is Amazon and not Google who has agreed to buy Twitch for nearly $970 million. A hefty sum, people, though I was kinda hoping that Twitch would rake in billions for it has a huge potential market, but maybe that’s the reason they didn’t get a billion or more. Potential, and not existing market.

This announcement was publicly made by both Twitch and Amazon on their websites, which seldom happens in this kind of big acquisitions. Amazon’s announcement is here and Twitch’s could be found here.

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Twitch Shuts ‘Save Forever’ Feature Down, Will Now Save Broadcasts for 14 Days Max for Regular Users

Remember how cool Twitch used to be before we started hearing rumors about its acquisition by a company which must not be named? Remember how we would go to Twitch.tv and feel like we were finally free from the hassles of Youtube? Well guess what, Twitch has decided to follow the footsteps of Youtube in providing just the bare minimum of service to its users. Twitch.tv used to have a cool feature where it would let users save past broadcasts for an infinite amount of time. Not anymore. If you’re a regular user like me, your broadcasts can remain in their entirety for 14 days max.

Although you can still keep your broadcasts indefinitely on Twitch if you ‘chop’ your videos down into chunks of up to two hours, your broadcasts cannot remain in their entirety. Regular users who don’t pay Twitch anything are stuck with 14-day limit.

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Twitch Lashes Out At Unauthorized Music, Will Mute the VOD if Audio Found to be Unlicensed

Do you have a VOD on Twitch? Do your VODs contain music that’s licensed to be used in your video? If it is not licensed, chances (over 90%) are that Twitch will mute your VOD’s segment where unauthorized audio content is found. Twitch recently announced on their blog that they are in the process of scanning past and future VODs for unauthorized audio content, and they would curb the segment where such a ‘violation’ is found. The scanning will take place in 30-minute blocks, which means if your video is less than 30 minutes long, and it contains unauthorized audio content, your entire video will be gagged with volume controls disabled.

Yeah, we too think that’s crappy. But what can we do? Twitch is on the verge of being acquired by Google, and you can possibly figure out who’s the actual authority behind this decision.

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Justin.tv Goes Kaput, Asks Users to Transfer to Twitch before September 5

After a long run of seven years, Justin.tv has said adiĆ³s to its users. The Justin.tv website, mobile applications and APIs are no longer in service and this shutdown has given boost to the rumors of Twitch’s acquisition by Google, as Twitch is owned by the parent company of Justin.tv. Some media outlets ‘announced’ in late June about the possible deal, but as of now, no official announcement has been made either by Google or Twitch. Earlier this year, Justin.tv’s parent company was rebranded as Twitch Interactive, a move that showed shift of focus and resources by the management towards Twitch.

Justin.tv popularized ‘lifecasting‘ when its co-founder Justin Kan start streaming his life 24/7 via a camera attached to a baseball cap in 2007. The concept took-off and put Justin.tv out in the mainstream video streaming websites.

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Google’s Twitch Acquisition Finalized?

Twitch.tv‘s long rumored acquisition has reportedly been finalized by Google. If some news outlets are to be believed, Twitch.tv is going as high as a billion dollars. No word is out there for the specifics of the deal, i.e. if the payment will be made in hard cash or in stocks or in a mixture of the both. As is customary for such high-profile deals, no party has provided any comment on the matter.

The rumors of the acquisition first surfaced in the month of May this year. Even at that time, neither Google nor Twitch.tv provided any comments. For those of you who don’t know, Twitch.tv is a live video streaming platform which focuses primarily on video games.

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