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Microsoft Partners With Docker, Plans to Participate as an Active Community Member in Docker Engine Development

Microsoft has decided to collaborate with Docker Inc. by providing Docker with support for new container technologies that will be delivered in a future release of Windows Server. Docker Engine will be compatible with the next release of Windows Server, and Docker will provide Docker Engine images for Windows Server in the community-driven Docker Hub. According to the public release related to this announcement, developers and organizations that want to create container applications using Docker will be able to use either Windows Server or Linux with the same growing Docker ecosystem of users, applications and tools.

Under this new partnership, Docker Hub will be integrated into Microsoft Azure directly through the Azure Management Portal and Azure Gallery, and the developers will be able to directly work with a pre-configured Docker Engine in Azure to create a multicontainer Dockerized application.

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Netflix Makes Two of Its Security-Related Web Applications Open Source

We know it’s the future of software development, and every company in some form or the other is taking the open source route. Even though most of the times that route comes with bumps and too many red lights, the switch is indeed happening. Even a certain leader of the brethren of the proprietary software, whose primary product is a family of operating systems, has an open source division. Alright, that division does not get much dough or support from that company, but still its existence symbolizes that the open source ‘lifestyle’ is making into the mainstream, and is no longer associated only with the hackers of ‘the old world’.

To gain from the vast experience and the sheer strength of numbers of the open source community, Netflix has released the source code of two of its internal web applications, Scumblr and Sketchy, under Apache v2 License.

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Munich to Embrace MS Windows Again?

You don’t read news like this ever. Even the news articles which claim that some company or organization is preferring or is about to switch to the Windows Operating System from a Linux based operating system is ridiculed and taken as a joke by teh netizens. But guess what, the city of Munich, which previously switched to Linux based operating system in 2004, might switch back to Microsoft‘s operating system. The deputy mayor of Munich, Josef Schmid, confirmed the plans of the city’s authorities to a German language news website.

Mr. Schmid told sueddeutsche.de that the users were ‘suffering‘ with Linux distributions, though he didn’t elaborate on those ‘sufferings’. He also considers the switch to open source in 2004 to be politically motivated. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think the decision to save taxpayers’ money and using superior software is politically motivated.

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And They Named The XBMC Project ‘Kodi’

It sounds horrible. No, there can be no excuse as to why they picked ‘Kodi‘ over tons of other names. I don’t care if you say it sounds cute or cool, it’s just not done! It’s just a silly thing the XBMC (XBox Media Center) team did (I know they had no choice but still! Kodi?!). We don’t know if they will start calling themselves the Kodi Team. We love XBMC and the work they do, but it doesn’t seem they put any effort in naming one of the best media players available in the market.

XBMC will now be called Kodi Entertainment Center. It is a free and open source media player (one of its kind) developed by XBMC Foundation. It can be used on a plethora of operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, Apple TV OS, Linux etc) and hardware (ARM, PowerPC, IA-32, x64) platforms.

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Tired of Skype? Try Tox, a Free IM and Video Calling Software

Are you scared that your Skype calls are being monitored? Do you feel safe using a software like Skype, whose parent company (Microsoft) has confirmed its participation in the NSA’s covert mass surveillance? Do you want a free (both as in cost and freedom, #RMS) software that respects your privacy and doesn’t store your video chats on its servers? We have found the right product for you! Yes, one such software exists which lets you make free video calls and send IMs (Instant Messages) to anyone without compromising your privacy.

Tox is a free and open source software that lets its users to communicate via IMs and video calls. Communication made by Tox is encrypted using a public and private key combination. Tox is a P2P (Peer to Peer, just like your bittorrent clients) software and was conceptualized in 2013 on a 4chan thread.

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Mitro Joining Twitter, Open Sources its Flagship Product

A password manager startup called Mitro has been asked to join its location team by Twitter. Mitro was initially backed by Google Ventures and Matrix Partners who invested $1.2 million in the New York based company. As part of the deal, Mitro will be releasing the source code of their flagship product, a password security manager under GPL. Mitro team will be advised by the Electronic Frontier Foundation on how best to turn their startup’s code into a sustainable free/open source software project. Unlike other password managers, Mitro is built around cloud storage.

The Mitro Team will be joining Twitter’s location team in New York and will be working on geo-location based projects. They have released all of server and client code of their password manager on GitHub which could be found here. The official announcement could be read here.

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Google’s Project Ara to feature a Custom Android Edition

Google has teamed up with Linaro, a not-for-profit engineering organization that works on free and open-source software such as the Linux kernel, the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), ARM power management and similar project, to create a custom Android Edition for its upcoming modular smartphone project (code name: Project Ara). Project Ara Prototype was first unveiled last month and Google has just recently announced the names of first 100 beta testers who would receive Project Ara Prototypes. The official Project Ara website could be accessed here.

The modular design for a smartphone is a complex approach, but would revolutionize the way we use our phones today. No more paying for a brand new phone when you could just attach a better module (take camera for example) to your existing phone. Pretty sweet, eh?

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