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Dropbox Partners With Microsoft, Office Users Can Now Access Dropbox From Within the Apps

Dropbox has announced that it is partnering with Microsoft to let MS Office users access its service from within the Office apps, and allowing its users to edit Office files from their Dropbox mobile app. Users will be able to sync changes across devices and any edit they make will automatically be saved to their Dropbox account. The files created using this integration of Office and Dropbox could be stored and shared via Dropbox links like any other Dropbox files. As of now, this integration is only applicable to MS Office for Desktop, though according to the official announcement, Dropbox for Business customers with Office 365 licenses will soon be able to take advantage of these new features.

The announcement, made in the form of a blog post over here, does not mention anything about the financials related to this partnership, or which one of the companies approached the other.

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Microsoft Surface Enters NFL Sidelines

Wait! That can’t be true! Sadly it is. But MS Surface sucks! Why are they allowing it on the sidelines? Yes, we hear you. But apparently, NFL and Microsoft signed a $400 million last spring to make MS’ Surface Tablet the exclusivecomputer‘ (yeah, no) that could be used on the sidelines. Whether the geniuses at NFL considered some better ‘computer’ for their use other than Microsoft’s baby is not known (they didn’t, money was too strong) but it is confirmed that Microsoft Surface Tablet was used in the yesterday’s Hall of Fame Game.

I know you are disappointed. We are disappointed too. We don’t have anything against Microsoft or their products (honest). It’s just that we don’t want NFL getting screwed or themselves screwing up the players by handing out ancient and handicapped technology to them.

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Microsoft files Legal Action against Samsung in a U.S. District Court

Samsung has been sued. Again. Why do they get sued all the time? Apple sues them quite a few times a year(don’t get me started on their relationship), Ericsson sues them, Rockstar Consortium (a group comprising of Apple, BlackBerry, Ericsson, Microsoft and Sony) sues them, and now they are being sued by a company that has vast experience in these ‘patent wars‘. Yes, it’s Microsoft. Apparently, Microsoft is pissed because they are not getting paid by Samsung for some of the Android related patents they own.

According to Microsoft, Samsung entered into a legally binding contract with them in 2011 related to its use of Intellectual Property owned by Microsoft. But now Samsung has refused to pay them anymore. Microsoft says it is because they have become a giant Android company who has shipped 314 million smartphones in Q1 of 2014 alone.

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MS Ordered to Handover Customer Information by U.S. Judge

No matter where your email provider stores your data, whether it is in the States or somewhere abroad, your email provider can be forced by the United States government to handover all of your data contained in your email provider’s servers. A judge has ordered Microsoft to do so in such a case where the data in question was stored in an Ireland based data center of Microsoft. MS and a few other companies had challenged a warrant issued by the federal government asking for the data associated with a customer of Microsoft’s email service.

The judge, Loretta Preska, ruled in favor of the government and said geographical location did’t matter as long as company had control over the data. Many technology giants filed briefs in support of Microsoft. They include Verizon, Cisco Systems, AT&T and even Apple Inc.

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