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Another Pedophile Down, Thanks to Microsoft

The cops put another bastard behind the bars after they received a tip-off from Microsoft. A Penn resident is being charged with receiving and sharing child abuse images and is being held in a county correctional facility for he has allegedly confessed to the charges. He says he received those images through Kik from a contact. Whether that contact of his will be charged or not is not known as of now. The guy is in his twenties and the police have not released any other information about the case as it still is an open investigation.

We told you recently how Google helped in the arrest of a Houston resident for similar charges. The Houston guy is a registered sex offender and whether this Pennsylvania resident has such ‘accolades’ to his credit is not known yet. The explicit pictures were stored in his One Drive account.

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Microsoft Surface Enters NFL Sidelines

Wait! That can’t be true! Sadly it is. But MS Surface sucks! Why are they allowing it on the sidelines? Yes, we hear you. But apparently, NFL and Microsoft signed a $400 million last spring to make MS’ Surface Tablet the exclusivecomputer‘ (yeah, no) that could be used on the sidelines. Whether the geniuses at NFL considered some better ‘computer’ for their use other than Microsoft’s baby is not known (they didn’t, money was too strong) but it is confirmed that Microsoft Surface Tablet was used in the yesterday’s Hall of Fame Game.

I know you are disappointed. We are disappointed too. We don’t have anything against Microsoft or their products (honest). It’s just that we don’t want NFL getting screwed or themselves screwing up the players by handing out ancient and handicapped technology to them.

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Microsoft files Legal Action against Samsung in a U.S. District Court

Samsung has been sued. Again. Why do they get sued all the time? Apple sues them quite a few times a year(don’t get me started on their relationship), Ericsson sues them, Rockstar Consortium (a group comprising of Apple, BlackBerry, Ericsson, Microsoft and Sony) sues them, and now they are being sued by a company that has vast experience in these ‘patent wars‘. Yes, it’s Microsoft. Apparently, Microsoft is pissed because they are not getting paid by Samsung for some of the Android related patents they own.

According to Microsoft, Samsung entered into a legally binding contract with them in 2011 related to its use of Intellectual Property owned by Microsoft. But now Samsung has refused to pay them anymore. Microsoft says it is because they have become a giant Android company who has shipped 314 million smartphones in Q1 of 2014 alone.

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MS Ordered to Handover Customer Information by U.S. Judge

No matter where your email provider stores your data, whether it is in the States or somewhere abroad, your email provider can be forced by the United States government to handover all of your data contained in your email provider’s servers. A judge has ordered Microsoft to do so in such a case where the data in question was stored in an Ireland based data center of Microsoft. MS and a few other companies had challenged a warrant issued by the federal government asking for the data associated with a customer of Microsoft’s email service.

The judge, Loretta Preska, ruled in favor of the government and said geographical location did’t matter as long as company had control over the data. Many technology giants filed briefs in support of Microsoft. They include Verizon, Cisco Systems, AT&T and even Apple Inc.

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Swap your body with your friend using Kinect and Oculus Rift! Okay, just virtually

How cool would it be if you could actually swap your body with someone popular? A celebrity, maybe? That’s enough. Stop daydreaming and get back to the real world. Your body swapping fantasy is not possible with today’s technology, but you can still have the experience virtually. Well, it’s not perfect right now, but what this young gentleman has done with his gaming gadgets is quite impressive nevertheless. An Imperial College, London student named Yifei Chai has achieved the body swapping feat virtually with his Kinect and Oculus Rift.

A Kinect 3D sensor is used to track the movements of an individual, who wears an Oculus Rift virtual reality device. Another individual uses a headmounted twin-angle camera and attaches electrical stimulators to his/her body. The Rift device streams live feed from the camera gear worn by the other individual.

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Microsoft and MIT Researchers are trying to make reading glasses extinct!

Scared? Ah c’mon! The researchers at MIT and Microsoft are currently developing a display that would render your reading glasses useless. Relax, you won’t be separated from your reading glasses soon. The technology in question is still in research phase. Even a proper prototype would take years to build if the research is carried out at its current pace. The research has been published in a paper coauthored by Brian A. Barsky of University of California, Berkley, Gordon Wetzstein of MIT Media Lab and Ramesh Raskar of MIT Media Lab. The original paper could be found here.

The technology uses algorithms to automatically alter the images based on a user’s prescription. For that, the device would have to first find out the glasses prescription of the person. That feat would be achieved by a light filter set located in front of the display.

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Microsoft partners with China Telecom for XBox One Promotion

Preparations of the much anticipated September launch of XBox One in China are underway. Microsoft is expecting record breaking sales and because of such expectations, MS has joined hands with China Telecom, PRC’s largest broadband provider for promoting its eighth generation video game console. China Telecom has a big customer base of around 30 million and Microsoft’s baby will be made available to those customers via a broadband package termed as Smart Home Initiative.

It should be noted that the government of PRC banned the sale of video game consoles in 2000 and XBox One will be the first international gaming console to be launched in China after 2000. Although video game consoles could be bought easily in the black market, it will be the first legit entry by a console manufacturer in the Chinese market.

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