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A Grand Ayatollah in Iran Issues a Fatwa Against 3G and High Speed Internet

How is fast Internet access against the teachings of a religion? I have no clue, but an Iranian Grand Ayatollah probably knows how 3G and other forms of high-speed Internet access are against ‘Sharia’ and ‘moral standards’ taught by one of the most widely followed religion in the world. Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi has even issued a ‘Fatwa’ against high-speed Internet on his website calling it against ‘Sharia, moral and human standards’. Moral standards, okay, but is the Internet against human standards? And what does he exactly mean by ‘human standards’ anyway? Sadly, we don’t know and we don’t have any way to communicate with Mr. Shirazi about his views on teh netz.

According to the IranHumanRights.org, Ayatollah Shirazi gave his sort of ‘religious interpretation’ of high-speed Internet in response to a question raised by a group of cyber space activists.

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Microsoft Calls It Quits With Older Versions of Internet Explorer, Asks Users to Update to the Latest Version

We have sad news for all of you. Microsoft is dropping support for older versions of the world’s most widely used web browser for downloading other web browsers. You can use your beloved web browser’s older versions but Microsoft won’t release any security patches or provide technical support for those in the future. All you can do now is to update the best browser ever to be developed to its latest version. We are sad, almost on the verge of tears because Microsoft is abandoning our favorite web browser’s ancestors.

Too much? Ah, c’mon! Alright, let’s get back to the news. They are dropping support for older versions as those versions are not ‘optimized’ for the cloud and other services Microsoft provides. If you use Internet Explorer (we pity you), you are recommended by MS to update your IE to the latest version.

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Comcast Offers 6 months of Free Internet to Low-income Families And Amnesty For Dues

Comcast has announced that it will provide up to six months of free Internet service to any low-income family that applies fresh to its Internet Essentials program. An Amnesty program has also been announced under which certain low-income households who could qualify for Internet Essentials but have a standing bill of more than a year are now eligible for Comcast’s charity program. The families with outstanding payment were not allowed to enter the social program run by Comcast before. But now they can enjoy free Internet too, if they meet the remaining eligibility criteria.

Internet Essentials was ‘forced’ down on Comcast when it acquired NBCUNiversal by the Feds. They agreed to provide Internet access to the low-income households with schoolchildren for $10 a month. The program has been criticized in the past for the difficulties in signing up.

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