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HP Will Finally Shut Down webOS Cloud Services On January 15, States Dwindling Customer Count as the Reason

It never really took off and was never termed as a game-changer or a revolutionary product by any of the hot-shot ‘specialists’, but HP’s webOS did have its fans. Some of the features of this operating system, particularly multitasking was highly praised, but that didn’t help boost up the sales of the devices it powered. And that’s why HP necessarily killed the OS when it discontinued its TouchPad tablet and the webOS-based smartphone line. But the company still supported the services related to the webOS as it wanted its customers to ‘have a richer user experience’ even after three years of webOS’ unofficial demise.

Well, the people at HP have now decided to kill webOS officially, and have announced that the Cloud Services related to the webOS will be sent to /dev/ null on January 15, 2015. Head over here to read the ‘FAQ’ announcement.

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HP Planning on Splitting Its Business Into Two, Might Announce the Breakdown Today

A number of media outlets are reporting that HP is planning to split its business into two divisions: PCs & printers, and enterprise hardware, and could make the announcement today. Their reports cite some of the troubles HP is facing for this apparent breakup of the product divisions. Although no confirmation has been made by any HP spokesperson as of now, and most of the media outlets reporting about this breakdown are citing the usual ‘people familiar with the matter’, it wouldn’t come off as a surprise if HP indeed splits its business. Why? Because it’s been common knowledge since the past few months that some sort of restructuring was about to happen sooner or later at Hewlett-Packard.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Meg Whitman, would head the PC & printer division aka the consumer division, while the enterprise division would be controlled by Patricia Russo.

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HP Singed By Faulty Power Cables, Recalls 6 Million Cables Over Fire Hazard

6 million! Actually, more than 6 million power cords have been recalled by HP due to fire and burn hazards. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, HP has received 29 reports of power cords overheating and melting or charring resulting in 2 claims of minor burns and 13 claims of minor property damage. There you have it, people, the number which makes a corporation the size of HP recall its faulty product from the market. Guess where those units were manufactured. I’m 99% sure you guessed it right, for nearly all the hardware manufacturers produce their products in that country to cut down costs (and quality as well).

The AC power cords which have been recalled were sold worldwide from September 2010 through June 2012 bundled with Notebook and mini notebook computers and accessories. HP have set up a website for their ‘recall program’ over here.

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Autonomy Founder Accused of Fraud by HP

When HP acquired Autonomy in 2011, they might not have anticipated how costly the acquisition was going to be. We are not talking about the cost involved in the acquisition. No. We are talking about the money and resources being spent by HP in the lawsuits that have been filed against the technology company by its shareholders. You read that right, HP’s shareholders sued their own company for its troubled acquisition of Autonomy. HP spent $11.1 billion on the acquisition, and ultimately wrote down the value of Autonomy by $8.8 billion just a year later.

HP is now in the midst of reaching a settlement with those shareholders, who now have decided to support HP in their lawsuit against former Autonomy officeholders Michael Lynch (CEO) and Sushovan Hussain (CFO). HP has accused Lynch of fraud and will sue Hussain pretty soon.

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