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HP Will Finally Shut Down webOS Cloud Services On January 15, States Dwindling Customer Count as the Reason

It never really took off and was never termed as a game-changer or a revolutionary product by any of the hot-shot ‘specialists’, but HP’s webOS did have its fans. Some of the features of this operating system, particularly multitasking was highly praised, but that didn’t help boost up the sales of the devices it powered. And that’s why HP necessarily killed the OS when it discontinued its TouchPad tablet and the webOS-based smartphone line. But the company still supported the services related to the webOS as it wanted its customers to ‘have a richer user experience’ even after three years of webOS’ unofficial demise.

Well, the people at HP have now decided to kill webOS officially, and have announced that the Cloud Services related to the webOS will be sent to /dev/ null on January 15, 2015. Head over here to read the ‘FAQ’ announcement.

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