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Unreal Engine 4.5 Released, Introduces Unreal Motion Graphics WYSIWYG Editor

Good news, game devs! Unreal Engine 4.5 has been released and it comes bundled with more than 40 new features and improvements over the previous versions of the UE. Much awaited features such as animation retargeting, automatic C++ hot reload, light map UV generation and streaming video textures are included in this release along with a new video tutorial system, a new project creation window with target hardware selection, and a new dynamic shadowing method which the Unreal Team is calling ‘Ray Traced Distance Field Soft Shadows’. The inbuilt GUI Designer of Unreal Engine, UMG, is ready to be used and is available by default.

The announcement was made earlier today over here at Unreal Engine’s blog. The 4.5 release contains hundreds of targeted improvements that allow complex online games to pass console certification tests, according to the announcement.

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Borderlands 2 Will Be Ported to Linux by Aspyr Media, GamingOnLinux Report

Gaming on Linux-based operating systems is not a new thing, but whenever a hotshot game makes its way into the open source ecosystem, it makes headlines. Why? Because Linux is not yet blessed by most of the industry big names, and the Linux gaming community is still negligible as compared to the Windows based community. Sure, there’s SteamOS and it’s pretty sweet too, but it’s nowhere near to make gaming on Linux lucrative for both the gamers and game developers. So, it’s kinda natural for us Linux folks to pose like town criers and scream out the announcement when a famous, big and ‘pretty’ game is ported to Linux.

According to GamingOnLinux, Aspyr Media has confirmed that a Linux port of Borderlands 2 is in development and will be released pretty soon for the crown jewel of Open Source movement.

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It’s Here, Swing Copters Has Finally Been Released!

Get ready, gamers, for a new game has arrived which will take your frustration and addiction to games to a whole new level. To be honest, it’s not exactly new, we knew it was going to be released on Thursday and it did! Swing Copters was released yesterday on both AppStore and Google Play and is free to download. Needless to say is that the free version comes with ‘batteries included’ (advertisements), but they don’t interfere with your total game experience. You can purchase the ad-less version for a mere $1.29 from the developer as an in-app purchase.

Swing Copters comes with a download size of 3.1 MB for Android and 7.9 MB for iOS. From what we can tell from the general consensus of gamers on teh netz, Dong Nguyen has managed to pull off another frustratingly difficult yet addictive game.

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Flappy Bird’s ‘Successor’ is Called Swing Copters, Will be Released Tomorrow

Remember how hooked you were to Flappy Bird before it was taken down by its developer for being too addictive? Remember all the hours you spent cursing that bird? All the time while playing the game, you would be frustrated out of your wits, but it was still fun, right? If a gaming website is to be believed, Dong Nguyen, the guy behind Flappy Bird, is back with a brand new game, which will challenge his previous game for the throne of being the most addictive yet frustrating game ever created. It’s called Swing Copters and will feature the same level of difficulty for which its ‘predecessor’ (not technically) is famous for.

This new addition to the ‘frustratingly difficult games’ family was first reported by TouchArcade. Although no official announcement from the developer has been made yet, TouchArcade’s reputation is enough (imo) to validate their report.

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GameMaker Marketplace Goes Public Beta, Requires Version 1.4 of GameMaker: Studio

Good news, indie game developers! The GameMaker Marketplace has been launched as a public beta by YoYo Games and anyone with a licensed version of GameMaker: Studio can use it. We have checked it out and there are a number of cool looking assets you could buy for your games. Until now, indie game developers using GameMaker had to either hire a graphics artist or look around in some other marketplaces for specific assets (graphics, audio etc.) for their games, which would be daunting at times. But now with the marketplace providing similar services and that too at comparatively cheaper price, indie devs don’t have to face such problems.

Unity has a similar asset store, but has far lesser number of indie developers as compared to GameMaker, the reason being it is extremely easy to develop and launch a game (a particular subset of games) using GameMaker tools.

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Rumor: AMD Prepping the Launch of SSDs for Gamers

If rumors are to be believed, AMD will be making gamers happy pretty soon. A number of websites are reporting that AMD will be launching its new line of SSDs (Solid State Drives) especially designed for gamers. The rumors claim that AMD will be using Toshiba’s flash memory in their SSDs, but do not say anything about the nature of this new device, i.e. if it will be based on NAND flash memory or some other memory. A number of manufacturers already have specialized SSDs in their product catalog for gamers, prominent examples being Samsung and Kingston, though gamers barely experience any significant improvement in the overall gaming using those SSDs.

Longer lifetime and low booting time are a few advantages a SSD provides over traditional HDDs. The faster speeds could be attributed to their purely electronic operation as well absence of any moving part.

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Sony Sued For False Advertising, California Man Claims Killzone: Shadow Fall Isn’t 1080p

What do you get when you sell a game using false advertising to a hardcore gamer? A class action lawsuit shoved up your face! The Japanese electronics giant has been sued by a California resident for he claims that Sony does not provide native 1080p resolution in Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multi-player mode, as they originally claimed. Yeah, he has launched a class action lawsuit for apparent lack of video quality in his beloved video game. We are not certain if this claim has any legal merit, but we do hope he forces Sony to public acknowledge if they did wrong.

Whom are we kidding? A company the size of Sony will never publicly acknowledge their wrongdoing. Instead, they would try to settle it outside the court if possible. And even if the lawsuit sees the courtroom, Sony’s army of lawyers won’t let the plaintiff have the upper hand.

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