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Unreal Engine 4.5 Released, Introduces Unreal Motion Graphics WYSIWYG Editor

Good news, game devs! Unreal Engine 4.5 has been released and it comes bundled with more than 40 new features and improvements over the previous versions of the UE. Much awaited features such as animation retargeting, automatic C++ hot reload, light map UV generation and streaming video textures are included in this release along with a new video tutorial system, a new project creation window with target hardware selection, and a new dynamic shadowing method which the Unreal Team is calling ‘Ray Traced Distance Field Soft Shadows’. The inbuilt GUI Designer of Unreal Engine, UMG, is ready to be used and is available by default.

The announcement was made earlier today over here at Unreal Engine’s blog. The 4.5 release contains hundreds of targeted improvements that allow complex online games to pass console certification tests, according to the announcement.

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GameMaker Marketplace Goes Public Beta, Requires Version 1.4 of GameMaker: Studio

Good news, indie game developers! The GameMaker Marketplace has been launched as a public beta by YoYo Games and anyone with a licensed version of GameMaker: Studio can use it. We have checked it out and there are a number of cool looking assets you could buy for your games. Until now, indie game developers using GameMaker had to either hire a graphics artist or look around in some other marketplaces for specific assets (graphics, audio etc.) for their games, which would be daunting at times. But now with the marketplace providing similar services and that too at comparatively cheaper price, indie devs don’t have to face such problems.

Unity has a similar asset store, but has far lesser number of indie developers as compared to GameMaker, the reason being it is extremely easy to develop and launch a game (a particular subset of games) using GameMaker tools.

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