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Matternet Is Testing Drone-based Delivery Network in Bhutan, the Specs Don’t Sound So Good

Bhutan is a landlocked South Asian country with a population that barely stands north of 700,000 mark. This Himalayan country does not have well developed transportation system with people often finding it difficult to receive medical aid when required. To counter this problem, Bhutanese government and an American UAV builder have joined hands to test a transportation network based on the company’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. If tests are successful, the Palo Alto based company will receive a huge boost both in publicity and contracts.

Matternet is a company specializing in transportation systems and is creating an automated delivery network for goods, built on a network of UAVs operating autonomously (without human intervention) coordinated with a proprietary software platform. Their ‘initial vertical’ is the $1 Billion pharmaceutical delivery market in areas inaccessible by traditional infrastructure.

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