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Microsoft Starts Removing OneDrive’s File Size Limit

Microsoft has started removing the file-size limit it earlier placed on user files for its OneDrive account holders. What? You still can’t save individual files more than 2 GB in size? That’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with your computer or Internet. It’s just that the geniuses at Microsoft haven’t yet removed the file-size limit for every OneDrive account. Maybe they’re just testing how their hardware would react once they globally remove the size barrier. Nevertheless, it’s pretty cool that they are finally taking an ‘initiative’ like this, albeit a number of cloud storage and file hosting providers already provide their users with ‘file-size limit free’ service.

As mentioned before, there used to (for some people, still is) be a limit of 2GB on the size of individual files that could be uploaded/saved on Microsoft’s cloud storage service OneDrive.

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