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Ballmer bids adieu to Microsoft’s Board of Directors

After having a long run with the most dominant force in the Operating Systems market, Steve Ballmer is leaving the board of Directors of Microsoft, which essentially ends his relationship with the company. The ex-CEO of Microsoft was with the company for more than three decades and has played various roles during his long stay. Ballmer had been associated with Microsoft ever since its beginning, but recently has been spending most of his time with the Clippers, in civic contribution, teaching and studying. He sent his ‘departure letter‘ to Satya Nadella, the current Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, yesterday.

I have never been a Microsoft fan, or of the people associated with Microsoft, but I still feel a little awkward about Ballmer’s departure. The guy was one of the originals and a reminder to Microsoft about their ‘humble’ beginnings. Regardless of my personal opinion, he will be missed.

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