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It’s Here, Swing Copters Has Finally Been Released!

Get ready, gamers, for a new game has arrived which will take your frustration and addiction to games to a whole new level. To be honest, it’s not exactly new, we knew it was going to be released on Thursday and it did! Swing Copters was released yesterday on both AppStore and Google Play and is free to download. Needless to say is that the free version comes with ‘batteries included’ (advertisements), but they don’t interfere with your total game experience. You can purchase the ad-less version for a mere $1.29 from the developer as an in-app purchase.

Swing Copters comes with a download size of 3.1 MB for Android and 7.9 MB for iOS. From what we can tell from the general consensus of gamers on teh netz, Dong Nguyen has managed to pull off another frustratingly difficult yet addictive game.

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Bomb Gaza Taken Down By Google from Google Play

An insensitive game called Bomb Gaza has been taken down by Google amidst growing criticism from Google Play, Google’s flagship marketplace for Android applications and games. Bomb Gaza allowed players to take control of aircrafts with Israeli markings and the player was supposed to drop bombs on cartoon militia. This highly insensitive game was recently released and has since then been criticized for its lack of regard for what’s happening in Gaza. The game was developed by a developer known as PLAYFTW who has two other applications on Google Play.

The other applications are poorly rated with one having the rating of 1.9 and the other with 2.6. An attempt at cashing in the ongoing conflict in Gaza, this game received an accumulative 4.1 rating since it was released. Many of the reviewers called for the developers to take it down, but it doesn’t look they complied with those calls.

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Amazon Expands Its Android App Store in 41 More Countries

Congratulations, Android developers! Congratulations, Amazon Android users! Both of you are being rewarded (the latter group only if their country wasn’t supported before) by Amazon who has opened its Android Appstore in 41 countries which didn’t have their localized Appstore before. If you are a developer, your potential market has just increased manyfold. The countries that have been added to Amazon Android Appstore include Singapore, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt etc. Even countries plagued with terrorism like Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan will now have their own Amazon Android Appstore.

Amazon’s expansion has been limited to Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia this time. No European or American country was included in this round of expansion though almost the entire of Europe and the Americas is already covered by Amazon with a few exceptions.

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