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Amazon Cloud Drive Comes to Amazon Instant Video App, Users Can Now Access Their Media From the App

Much like Apple, Amazon is known for its ecosystem via which the company tries to contain the users within its universe. Everything they build is connected to their existing products and can easily be linked to any of the future products company plans. Whether it is the retail store, Amazon Prime, or their cloud platform, Amazon has ensured that it acts as a one-stop shop to teh netizens. While being a one-stop shop for entertainment related services as well as a plethora of other products ensures longer retention of users, which is directly proportional to the dough an Internet-based company generates, it also provides necessary ‘user trends’ to Amazon based on which the company launches new services and integrates them.

In a yet another move to integrate its services, Amazon has now made Cloud Drive available on its Instant Video app for PlayStation, LG and Samsung products.

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Windsorites Top Amazon’s Canadian List For Spending the Most on Pets

Amazon has released its second annual ranking of the top cities in Canada with the most pampered pets, and Windsor, Ontario has topped the charts. Windsor was ranked 15th last year and has particularly risen to the top by ordering the most dog carriers, beds, collars, treats and toys this year. Amazon’s official ranking list, which does not cite any figure related to the sales of pet-related accessories in Canada, could be found over here. Windsor is followed by the Saskatchewan cities of Saskatoon and Regina, which top in buying treats like bones and catnip, and toys such as teaser wands, flying discs and chew toys for their pets. Teaser wand is kinda funny, don’t you think?

The rankings are based on Amazon’s pet item sales data for the time period of August 2013 – August 2014 for the True North Strong and Free.

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Amazon to Shutdown WebPay on October 13

Remember Amazon WebPay? Of course, you don’t. The service never really took off and seldom saw any users (in comparison to other similar services). The online retail giant will pull the plug on its free money transaction service on October 13, and as of now, doesn’t have any plan to introduce a new feature that would serve WebPay’s purpose. For those of you (most of you) who don’t know what WebPay is, it is (still is) an online ‘dough’ transaction service that allows users to send, receive, and request money from other users from the Amazon Payments website. If you are an Amazon Payments customer, you won’t see the option to Send Money starting October 13.

WebPay does have a fair number of users regularly using it for their financial transactions, but in comparison to similar services like PayPal, the userbase is almost negligible.

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Clever or Desperate: Amazon’s Fire Phone Enters the 99 Cents Contract Market

Amazing, unprecedented, awesome, unexpected, astonishing and unbelievable. Those are just a few words you might have read today about an Amazon product on nearly every website which advertises itself as the sole authority on ‘tech news’. I read a few reports on such websites, and was kinda disappointed by the fact that majority of them just reprinted the content of the official announcement about that product of Amazon. Only a handful of them drew any kind of conclusion or talked about any implications of this desperate move by one of the emerging players in ‘the game of phones’. Hmm, we’ll come back to ‘that’ kinda journalism later, but let’s now talk about that product and related announcement.

The product being referred to here is Amazon’s Fire Phone, which the retail giant is now selling at 99 cents with a two-year contact on AT&T’s network.

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Twitch Finally Embraced by the Corporate America, Amazon Spends $970 million on Twitch’s Acquisition

It was highly unexpected and there wasn’t even a rumor about such an acquisition. We knew Twitch was going to ‘the big money’, but everybody thought that the money was going to be Google’s. Amazon wasn’t even in the picture ever since rumors of Twitch’s acquisition started appearing on teh netz. But believe it or not, it is Amazon and not Google who has agreed to buy Twitch for nearly $970 million. A hefty sum, people, though I was kinda hoping that Twitch would rake in billions for it has a huge potential market, but maybe that’s the reason they didn’t get a billion or more. Potential, and not existing market.

This announcement was publicly made by both Twitch and Amazon on their websites, which seldom happens in this kind of big acquisitions. Amazon’s announcement is here and Twitch’s could be found here.

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Washington Post Teases ‘Buy It Now’ Button For Amazon Products Inside News Articles

Imagine you are reading an article about drone strikes in Pakistan, or about some other initiative of the American government against terrorism, and you are deep in thought about those problems. You keep on reading and occasionally you encounter a few buttons, yes buttons and not hyperlinks, that point you to some book about the subject on an online retailer’s website. They don’t appear on the sidebar or in some organized manner. They appear inside the article along with the text. Personally, I’d close that annoying ‘racket’ asap and switch to some other website which provides similar content without bombarding me with ads.

It seems the Washington Post has been experimenting with some similar advertising methodology recently. But if a statement made by a spokeswoman for the Washington Post to DigiDay is to be belived they have been embedding ‘buy-it now’ links in articles for many years.

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Amazon Expands Its Android App Store in 41 More Countries

Congratulations, Android developers! Congratulations, Amazon Android users! Both of you are being rewarded (the latter group only if their country wasn’t supported before) by Amazon who has opened its Android Appstore in 41 countries which didn’t have their localized Appstore before. If you are a developer, your potential market has just increased manyfold. The countries that have been added to Amazon Android Appstore include Singapore, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt etc. Even countries plagued with terrorism like Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan will now have their own Amazon Android Appstore.

Amazon’s expansion has been limited to Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia this time. No European or American country was included in this round of expansion though almost the entire of Europe and the Americas is already covered by Amazon with a few exceptions.

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