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Amazon Cloud Drive Comes to Amazon Instant Video App, Users Can Now Access Their Media From the App

Much like Apple, Amazon is known for its ecosystem via which the company tries to contain the users within its universe. Everything they build is connected to their existing products and can easily be linked to any of the future products company plans. Whether it is the retail store, Amazon Prime, or their cloud platform, Amazon has ensured that it acts as a one-stop shop to teh netizens. While being a one-stop shop for entertainment related services as well as a plethora of other products ensures longer retention of users, which is directly proportional to the dough an Internet-based company generates, it also provides necessary ‘user trends’ to Amazon based on which the company launches new services and integrates them.

In a yet another move to integrate its services, Amazon has now made Cloud Drive available on its Instant Video app for PlayStation, LG and Samsung products.

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