Veenga was started in early July of 2014, although it was in planning stage for more than a month. Veenga is supposed to cover different news items, unbiased reviews and much more in simple yet eloquent language.

Primarily launched for English speaking masses, Veenga will be available in a number of other languages once sufficient traffic is achieved and efficient resources are acquired by the Veenga team.

The Veenga team is also involved in development of applications for multiple platforms, ranging from Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BB10 to different desktop operating systems. Work is underway for our own indie game and we might release a beta version in the following months.

We conduct interviews with developers of various platforms, cover their products in detail in an unbiased manner and then provide a tutorial/review for the users to better understand those products.

Your messages and suggestions are important to us and we ensure that an appropriate reply is sent to you as soon as we receive your message. In case you don’t hear from as quickly, don’t hold that against us because we don’t use any ‘auto-generated reply’ tools. Each of your messages are handled personally by one of our staff and you are contacted as soon as your message is read.


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