Dropbox Partners With Microsoft, Office Users Can Now Access Dropbox From Within the Apps

Dropbox has announced that it is partnering with Microsoft to let MS Office users access its service from within the Office apps, and allowing its users to edit Office files from their Dropbox mobile app. Users will be able to sync changes across devices and any edit they make will automatically be saved to their Dropbox account. The files created using this integration of Office and Dropbox could be stored and shared via Dropbox links like any other Dropbox files. As of now, this integration is only applicable to MS Office for Desktop, though according to the official announcement, Dropbox for Business customers with Office 365 licenses will soon be able to take advantage of these new features.

The announcement, made in the form of a blog post over here, does not mention anything about the financials related to this partnership, or which one of the companies approached the other.

Dropbox’s blog post rightly mentions that this collaboration would result in boundless productivity DropboxMicrosoftOffice2 as both of the companies are the leaders in their respective domains, and when you club their services together in a nifty little package, you get significant performance boost in your office related tasks.

Anyhow, one thing this announcement makes me wonder is why Microsoft is going for Dropbox when their own OneDrive promises greater storage capacity and a number of other features which would make the entire ‘Office Experience’ far better for Microsofties. Plus, that would help them in retaining their users within their own ecosystem (and clutches, of course), won’t it?

Oh, and did I mention there’s still no official Dropbox app for Windows Phone?

Currently, poor Windows Phone users have to rely upon third party apps to access Dropbox, though Dropbox has said that they’ll be releasing a Dropbox app for Windows Phone and Windows tablet users in the coming months.

According to Dropbox, the aforementioned ‘new features’ will be rolled out to all of its users on iOS and Android in the next few weeks, and they will be extended to the web next year by adding integrations between the Dropbox website and Office Online.

The images were taken from the Dropbox website and the originals could be found over here and here.


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