Microsoft Partners With Docker, Plans to Participate as an Active Community Member in Docker Engine Development

Microsoft has decided to collaborate with Docker Inc. by providing Docker with support for new container technologies that will be delivered in a future release of Windows Server. Docker Engine will be compatible with the next release of Windows Server, and Docker will provide Docker Engine images for Windows Server in the community-driven Docker Hub. According to the public release related to this announcement, developers and organizations that want to create container applications using Docker will be able to use either Windows Server or Linux with the same growing Docker ecosystem of users, applications and tools.

Under this new partnership, Docker Hub will be integrated into Microsoft Azure directly through the Azure Management Portal and Azure Gallery, and the developers will be able to directly work with a pre-configured Docker Engine in Azure to create a multicontainer Dockerized application.

No financial information regarding this partnership has been released as of now by either of the MicrosoftPartnersDocker2 companies.

“The power of Azure and Windows Server leveraging the Docker platform redefines what enterprises should expect and demand from their cloud,” said Ben Golub, CEO of Docker. “Together, we will provide a framework for building multiplatform distributed applications that can be created with exceptional velocity and deployed and scaled globally.”

Docker has been available to the Azure customers since the June of this year via Microsoft Open Technologies, MS’ OSS division, and now Docker Engine for Windows Server will be developed under by the Docker open source project, where Microsoft plans to participate as an active community member.

Head over here to read Microsoft’s announcement, and here‘s the link to Docker’s blog where they announced the partnership.

“The strength of Windows Server in the enterprise makes its inclusion into the Docker project a watershed event for the Docker community and ecosystem,” said Solomon Hykes, chief technology officer, founder and chief maintainer of Docker. “Creating a common approach and user interface for containerization and distributed applications will catalyze a new wave of applications that will be transformative across all organizations.”

In addition, MS will also contribute to Docker’s open orchestration APIs, ensuring portability for multicontainer applications.

The companies are planning to demonstrate pre-configured Docker Engine in Azure at Docker’s Global Hack Day, which is scheduled to be held on the 30th of this month.


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