Amazon Cloud Drive Comes to Amazon Instant Video App, Users Can Now Access Their Media From the App

Much like Apple, Amazon is known for its ecosystem via which the company tries to contain the users within its universe. Everything they build is connected to their existing products and can easily be linked to any of the future products company plans. Whether it is the retail store, Amazon Prime, or their cloud platform, Amazon has ensured that it acts as a one-stop shop to teh netizens. While being a one-stop shop for entertainment related services as well as a plethora of other products ensures longer retention of users, which is directly proportional to the dough an Internet-based company generates, it also provides necessary ‘user trends’ to Amazon based on which the company launches new services and integrates them.

In a yet another move to integrate its services, Amazon has now made Cloud Drive available on its Instant Video app for PlayStation, LG and Samsung products.

Head over here to read the official announcement, here‘s the Wiki page of Amazon Instant Video, AmazonCloudDriveInstantVideo1 and you could find more info about Amazon Cloud Drive over here.

If you use Cloud Drive, you can access your personal videos and pictures via the Instant Video app from your PlayStations, and some LG and Samsung Smart TVs. The service is only available for the users of the United States, the UK and Deutschland.

“We know our customers move from device to device throughout the day and crave choice in how they view entertainment and personal content,” said Michael Paull, Vice President of Digital Video for Amazon. “We expanded the Amazon Instant Video app to include Amazon Cloud Drive to make it easy for our customers to access their personal memories right alongside their favorite movies and TV shows in Prime Instant Video. We are excited to have Cloud Drive integrated with the Amazon Instant Video app on PlayStation, LG and Samsung, and are looking forward to delivering this feature to even more devices in the future.”

According to Amazon’s press release, existing Amazon Cloud Drive account customers who use the Amazon Instant Video app can simply navigate to the photos area within the app to connect with Cloud Drive. New customers can download the Amazon Instant Video app and create an Amazon account during the sign-in process.

No doubt this integration will allow users to access their media pretty fast, but if not managed properly, we could see another debacle like the iCloud.

There is no indication how the company plans on keeping the privacy of its Cloud Drive users private if their media will be available on Instant Video. Furthermore, this integration provides a not-so-small window of opportunity for ‘the brethren’ to see what media files Cloud Drive users store on Amazon’s servers.


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