Microsoft Starts Removing OneDrive’s File Size Limit

Microsoft has started removing the file-size limit it earlier placed on user files for its OneDrive account holders. What? You still can’t save individual files more than 2 GB in size? That’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with your computer or Internet. It’s just that the geniuses at Microsoft haven’t yet removed the file-size limit for every OneDrive account. Maybe they’re just testing how their hardware would react once they globally remove the size barrier. Nevertheless, it’s pretty cool that they are finally taking an ‘initiative’ like this, albeit a number of cloud storage and file hosting providers already provide their users with ‘file-size limit free’ service.

As mentioned before, there used to (for some people, still is) be a limit of 2GB on the size of individual files that could be uploaded/saved on Microsoft’s cloud storage service OneDrive.

This move will surely put Microsoft in the front line of cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google and Amazon. All of the aforementioned companies are putting their economic and technological MicrosoftOneDriveFileSizeLimit2 might behind their cloud based services. Microsoft is doing pretty well too, but in the terms of innovation, it somewhat lags behind the other cloud players.

Cloud is the future of storage, but it’s not all goody-good as these cloud companies make it look like. We know most of the people who use cloud storage store illegal and objectionable (sometimes, sick) content on their accounts. Remember that pedophile Microsoft helped in nailing down? He used OneDrive, right? Head over here to read more about that case.

Then there’s the issue of privacy which these companies seldom address, and even when they do, it’s in an ambiguous and discreet language. Plus, they don’t make it clear if they will handover your account to the authorities if they ask them to. Read about how Microsoft was ordered by a judge in the States to handover the data stored on its Irish servers here.

Most of the companies who earn their bread and butter via the Internet are pushing their brand of cloud storage ahead with their (and their stakeholders/investors) economic might. Amazon and Google are offering far greater storage than their nearest competitors and that too for free. Though legal, such practices don’t appear to be ethical.

Take DropBox for an example. The company makes money by selling online storage, right? How is it supposed to generate income when these ‘free space providers’ keep on giving out ‘goodies’ to the end users for their own ulterior motives?

Yes, you as an end user benefit from these tactics, but it won’t be long before such ‘free service providers’ show their true colors and put your privacy, peace of mind and digital life in peril.

It may sound like I’m just sensationalizing or accusing such companies without any proof. I don’t have any proof (yet), but maybe a certain group of Hollywood people does. Get it, smarty?


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