Amazon Expands Its Android App Store in 41 More Countries

Congratulations, Android developers! Congratulations, Amazon Android users! Both of you are being rewarded (the latter group only if their country wasn’t supported before) by Amazon who has opened its Android Appstore in 41 countries which didn’t have their localized Appstore before. If you are a developer, your potential market has just increased manyfold. The countries that have been added to Amazon Android Appstore include Singapore, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt etc. Even countries plagued with terrorism like Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan will now have their own Amazon Android Appstore.

Amazon’s expansion has been limited to Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia this time. No European or American country was included in this round of expansion though almost the entire of Europe and the Americas is already covered by Amazon with a few exceptions.

Introduction of new markets does not necessarily mean your app will be approved and see a release AmazonAppStore2in all of these countries. For example, if you develop an application which is culturally or religiously inappropriate and targets a particular set of people, your application might get blocked in some of these regions. Local restrictions will be there and Amazon expects developers to be familiar with those restrictions.

If your application has already been released on the Amazon Appstore, it will be automatically released in these new places if your app complies with the local restrictions and you selected ‘In all countries and regions where Amazon sells apps‘ when you were asked where you would like the app to be available during the initial launch of your app on the Amazon Appstore. If not, you can manually select the countries where you would like your app to be available.

Amazon Appstore is now available in 236 countries and has a huge market. The Amazon ‘AppMarket’ has a huge potential as not many developers are releasing their applications specifically for Amazon devices. With the release of Amazon’s Fire Phone, the ‘built for Amazon‘ applications are sure to witness huge growth, both in terms of customers and revenue.

The official announcement could be found here.


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